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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter from Gisenyi (Etienne Harerimana)

Note: Etienne now has a pen-pal, a visitor to the 15th St meeting named Kenwood Dennard.

Dear friend in Jesus' name,

Even though we are in Africa, we believe that you are praying for us.  I love the work of singing very much, because the work of singing will not stop.  All human works will pass away, but our singing will continue forever.

Don't forget our God the Creator, because he takes care of us.
-Etienne Harerimana

Note from Steven:
Etienne H. is on the left in the photo.
Etienne H. runs a fresh-milk business in town, and (pastor) Etienne N.'s household, including myself, is one of Etienne H.'s regular customers.  Etienne H. is very active in the church, and is married to Damange Chantal, who just gave birth on Wed Dec 26, the same day Etienne and Damange wrote their letters!

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