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Monday, February 7, 2011

Response from Baraka Charmant and his mother, to a child (unsigned) from 15th St Meeting

January 26, 2011

To my dear friend,

I am very happy that you wrote to me.  Here in my home of Rwanda, the sun and the rain chase each other.  If there is sun, there is no rain, and if there is rain, there is no sun.  May God bless you, and give you a good life.

Thank you,
Your dear friend,
Baraka Charmant

Note from Steven
Baraka Charmant is a really 'charming' and cute little kid.  Last Sunday he was running around the church 'stage' (elevated about 1' above the rest of the church) while his mother Penine was leading worship.  I think that Penine may have helped Baraka with this letter, just a little.

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