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Friday, March 25, 2011

Etienne Harerimana responds to Kenwood Dennard

Dear Loved Friend,

I wish you the peace of Jesus, and blessings from God.

When I received your news from Steven, I was happy that I received a good friend.

Now, my business is to sell milk.  But, it is very hard to keep the milk in plastic containers.  

But, I love to sing.  I saw that you are a teacher, and I wish that you can be a singer to God also.  I greet you warmly, and am happy that God gave you to me as a friend, and I wish you peace.

I received your email, and in a few days I will send you my email address.

I wish that you might come to our country that I might see you.

May God bless you.
Thank you very much

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