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Monday, May 30, 2011

15th St / Gisenyi / Goma Connections

Dear Representatives of:
  15th St Friends Meeting,
  Gisenyi Friends Church,
  OJEPAC (Organization of Youth Peacemakers - Gisenyi)
  Youth Peace Fellowship - (Mutura Friends Church), and
  Friends Church - Kayove,

I have read your recent emails and blog posts - thanks very much!  I am very happy to see that you are continuing to document your activities as well as transmit the reports.  In this email I present your websites to members of the 15th Street Meeting community.

OJEPAC's documentation is especially beautiful and impressive, including presentation activities, as well as the reports reports from the active Quaker youth group in Mutura village!  Here is a link to OJEPAC's blog, with dozens of pictures and short articles, an here is a link to a Google-translated English version of OJEPAC's report of its current weekly activities.

Our 15th St. Meeting's "First Day School" met yesterday Sunday 5/30/2011.  As you are reporting your youth groups' activities, we also plan to begin narrative and financial reports of our activities online.  Here is a link to our first short report with a photo.

I will highlight some particular activities in Gisenyi that OJEPAC has reported.  This is for the benefit of Friends at 15th St. Meeting, who are very interested in continuing our relationships with youth, younger children, and adults in Gisenyi:
  • Many impressive cultural and community-building activities!
  • Reports from (Quaker) Youth Peace Fellowship - Mutura.  Includes cultural activities, micro-enterprise, farming, and peace ministries.
  • Elisee met with Agrippine from Gisenyi Friends Church about continuing communications between the youth and younger children in the church, and the FDS in New York.
  • OJEPAC met with Porsche Washington, a USA Peace Corps volunteer in Gisenyi to apply for a grant for an HIV prevention/awareness project.
  • Elisee met with teachers at local schools, looking to find ways to help OJEPAC's impressive work to become recognized and supported by Rwanda's Ministry of Education
The youth groups from Kayove village in Rwanda are doing peace discussions and sewing trainings.  Here is a link to Kayove's website

Youths from and Katindo neighborhood, Goma / Congo are also interested in correspondence and have sent descriptions of their activities.  and Goma/Katindo's website.  All the groups also sent paper materials that are currently being housed at 15th St. Meeting.

Hope you enjoy!

-Steven Bhardwaj

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