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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Dear Heidi,

It was great meeting you and Piper last Saturday and (beginning to) play Settlers of Catan!  I look forward to the next time meeting you!

Attached are the materials from the letter from Francoise NYIRAPABWANIMANA.  Francoise is on the left in the photo, and the translation is included below the email.  

Please "Reply to All" to this email and we'll get the message through.  I CC'd a number of people on the email, including Agrippine a member of the Gisenyi Church, Elisee from the OJEPAC youth group, Jean-Baptiste the president of the congregation, and posting to a blog.

January 25, 2011

My name is Francoise Nyirampabwanimana.  I am very happy that you had the faith to write to me.  God bless you.

I ask you to please pray for me often, and I will do the same.  Through these prayers, we will grow our faith in God.

In return for your wishes, I wish all the best for you.
-Francoise Nyirampabwanimana

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