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Monday, June 13, 2011

Re: Hello!

Dear Friends, 

Please find included below an email (in French) from Elisée of the "Organization of Youth Peacemakers" in Gisenyi.  

Elisée confirms that he is preparing a one-page introduction for the Kinyarwanda-English / English-Kinyarwanda dictionary.  This will explain to students how to use the dictionaries learning English.  (English study is mandatory in elementary through high school, but no one has the English-Kinyarwanda dictionary.)

This introduction will enable our 15th St. First Day School to partner with Gisenyi Friends Church, Kayove Friends Church, Mutura Peace Fellowship, and OJEPAC to share this dictionary with their students.

(Also note that Elisee plans to get married this November!)


Hello my Friend STEVEN

Nous sommes contents de recevoir votre message à propos nos activités et les progres de l'apprentissage de l'englais -Kinyarwanda, Kinyarwanda Anglais. Commes vous  nous rappele,  nous sommes -prets de   commencer l'introduction  du dictionnaire  en ce qui concerne le mode d'emploi de ce dictionnaire. Nous allons finir au cours de cette semaine. En plus comme vous le dits, nous allons aussi mettre en pratique l'apprentissage proprement dit de 'utilisation du dictionnaire. En fait, tous ce que vous avez mentionés sera executés d'ici peu de jours.

J'en profite pour vous remercier de la conference que j'ai eu avec les jeunes aux Etats Unis, mais je m'excuse de mon englais qui est pauvre. Je sais que le message vous arrivait difficilement . Je pense qu'un autre moment, je peut parler en Francais et vous traduisez en anglais car cette foici je pourrais donner beaucoup d'informations sur  nos activités.

Hier j'etais à Ruhengeri en visite de  mon futur epouse CLAUDINE. Elle vous aime et vous salue  vous et votre femme AYJY.; Nous  planifions le mariage au mois de Novembre 2011.

Bye bye

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 6:25 PM, Steven Bhardwaj wrote:
Dear Agrippine! 
And Pastor Etienne, Jean-Baptiste, Etienne, Pastor Innocent, Alphonse, Gaspard, and Elisee!
How do you know me so well?  I miss you all very much, and want to continue to correspond with you!
The kids here at 15th St. do want correspondents - they love the drawings, and would like to partner with you in a project.  Agrippine, what is your phone number?
I think it will be good to start with the English-Kinyarwanda / Kinyarwanda-English dictionaries.  It is an easy straightforward project, and I can contact the print shop myself directly.
Elisee and Agrippine, have you made any progress on the "introduction" to the dictionaries?
The dictionary project will include:
 - Preparing a introduction for how-to-use a dictionary (in Kinyarwanda - has OJEPAC prepared this??)
 - Training students to use the dictionaries, 
 - Giving out the dictionaries, with a list of names and a group photo (in order by name)
 - Letters in English, scanned and emailed, by the students who received dictionaries
 - 3 months later, assess progress of each student
      ?  How are their grades in school?
      ?  Do they like using the dictionary?
      +  A second scanned and emailed update letter from each student who received a dictionary.
 - OJEPAC will manage the scanning/emailing the 100+ or even 200+ total letters.
Please reply-to-all with your thoughts and suggestions. 
 - Are you interested in this project? 
 - How many students do you have?
 - How many youths have not studied/ are not learning English?  Maybe we can distribute notebooks instead, for them?
Thanks for your continued correspondence, and I hope you are all doing well in Gisenyi.  Give everyone my love,
-Steven Bhardwaj

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