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Monday, February 7, 2011

Letter from Gisenyi - Jacques responds to a (unnamed) child from 15th St. Meeting

Note from Steven:
Jacques is an orphan living in Rwanda and studying at a school across the border in the Congo.  Jacques stays with his brother in Gisenyi, and attends Friends Meeting despite his Muslim brother's admonitions otherwise.  It's an interesting conundrum for Jacques, who likes to attend the 5am weekday services offered a few times every week.

Jacques is my regular dependable interpreter at Sunday services, translating the service into French.  Although he understands everything in Kinyarwanda, he never got around to learning to speak, because around here he can always respond in French or Swahili.  As you can see, his English is up-and-coming, but he is still very respectful of me, talking in French because that's the language both of us know the best,  even though he surely wants to improve his English like everyone else.

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