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Friday, March 25, 2011

Damange Chantal Responds again to Pat Donahue

Dear good friend who is in America,

Peace be with you, in Jesus.

After I received your letter, I was very happy.  Now I am well, but I have a problem in my stomach, because of my operation.  (Complications of childbirth.)  Here in Gisenyi, it takes time to recover and be well.  Sister in Christ, greet your husband and child Daniel.  Tell them that I love you so much, and I would like to see you face to face.
  I know God gave you a good job.  For us, we have the problem of a distribution business, because we have no Criche.  The government allows you to sell milk if you have a good Criche.  My husband does not have the money to buy a good criche, and I am not well so that I can help my husband.  Please pray for me so that I can get the Criche.

My husband and my children greet you.  Be with peace and blessing from God.

-Damange Chantal

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